SmartEtailing & Harvest Retail Marketing Have Merged

On May 9, 2016 Harvest Retail Marketing (Harvest) announced that the company merged with SmartEtailing.

The merger of the two companies resulted in richer service offerings and enhancements for the bicycle industry. Ryan Atkinson, Founder and President of Harvest, will lead the merged company as President. The combined company retained the name SmartEtailing and the Harvest Retail Marketing brand was retired on September 30, 2016.

The combination of Harvest and SmartEtailing broadened the scope of expertise that result in a number of exciting initiatives and advancements for retailers and supply chain partners. The company is now headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. All members of the Harvest Retail Marketing team joined Atkinson at SmartEtailing with the merger.

“SmartEtailing has built an exceptional infrastructure and customer service network for independent bicycle retailers to succeed in a changing market,” shared Ryan Atkinson. “These two teams have the combined capability to significantly improve the quality of marketing for retailers, brands and suppliers. I look forward to working with SmartEtailing’s many customers and partners to identify opportunities to serve them even better.”

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