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SmartEtailing is very well versed in the needs and issues bicycle dealers have. Our experience has been that they take dealer websites to the next level of professionalism and effectiveness. They spend the time on the product and informational aspects so that dealers can focus on their core businesses where they get the greatest return on their effort.

Steve Flagg, President
Quality Bicycle Products

QBP Recommends SmartEtailingQuality Bicycle Products knows the importance of helping its retailers leverage technology, including the value of promoting, even selling, products over the Internet. QBP considered several options when considering how to help its customers have better websites. In the final analysis, QBP recommends the services of SmartEtailing.

The main reason behind their choice is something you'll also want to consider:

SmartEtailing offers decades of bicycle-industry experience coupled with a proven vision for specialty retailing and the Internet.

You partner with QBP because you want reliable, professional service from a distributor you can count on...a distributor owned, run and staffed by people who understand how to support your success. QBP invites you to partner with SmartEtailing for a top-quality website solution for your store.

SmartEtailing Helps You Have A Website Your Customers Value

SmartEtailing provides the most advanced yet easiest-to-manage, retailer-controlled website solutions available. Our goal: To help you have a great looking website that's always in your control, simple to manage and maintain, is affordable for your business and valued by your customers. Our relationship with QBP makes this even more attractive for you, with zero set-up costs and affordable monthly rates to help you keep your website continuously updated with the latest content and technology.

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Teaming On Technology...

The partnership between QBP and SmartEtailing goes well beyond each company's recommendation of the other. Working together, our companies have advanced online technology to a level that's nothing short of amazing. SmartEtailing is proud to be the exclusive online service provider licensed to offer QBP's vast and valuable product database through QBP clients' websites. This technology is available whether or not your current web site is SmartEtailing-powered site. Here, again, is QBP President Steve Flagg:

"The bicycle industry provides the dealer with plenty of challenges when it comes to carrying inventory. The bike business is seasonal which makes carrying proper inventory levels difficult. Since much of our industry's product comes from overseas, long lead times can mean your suppliers have low fill rates. Last but not least, product life cycles may only be one year before the next latest version comes out. No retailer can afford to stock the level of inventory that satisfies all consumers all the time. SmartEtailing's in-stock catalog combined with QBP's catalog for special orders presents an entirely new solution. With one or both of these tools presented at the dealer's website, he's given an opportunity to display and promote product well beyond what's possible in the store, and by tracking visitors to specific pages, the dealer can measure product popularity as a tool to forecast which items to stock and at what depth going forward."

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A test ride helps you learn why a SmartEtailing solution is the best choice for your business. With a personally-guided on-line tour, we'll demonstrate to you how powerful, yet easy to use, the SmartEtailing solution is. Even if you decide not to sign up, what you learn will absolutely help you in making the best decisions about your website and the future of your business as it relates to the internet.

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