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Work in our Boulder (Gunbarrel), Colorado office. It has mountain views, multiple workstations, a full kitchen, bike storage and a is the leading provider of website solutions for specialty retailers, most of whom are in the bicycle business. To stay in front takes an exceptional commitment to our customers' needs and to quality and excellence in everything we do, so we seek and employ the very best people.

The first step in applying for our Content Production Specialist position in our Boulder office is completing this form and clicking the Submit Form button on the bottom of the page, which emails the answers to us.

The questions below allow you to introduce yourself, provide a brief history of any pertinent experience you have, and give you a chance to show why you're a smart choice for this position. We have included some fun test-like questions to help determine if you have the writing/editing/proofing skills and bicycle/retail knowledge required for this position.

We review every application, however, we will contact you only if we like what we see. Thank you!

All inquiries are kept in complete confidence and are never shared with outside parties.


I understand that this job is in your Boulder (Gunbarrel), Colorado office.*

Personal Information

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Please tell us how you heard about this SmartEtailing position:*
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SmartEtailing online ad
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Work Experience & Education

The highest level of education you've achieved:*
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High School Graduate
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College Degree
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If you have a college degree(s), please tell us what degree you earned and what your major was.
Please tell us where you are currently employed.*
*Note: we will not contact your place of employment unless you tell us to.
Do you currently, or have you worked in a bicycle shop?*
If you answered yes to the previous question, tell us about the shop:
(please provide the shop's name, city, state, and the year(s) you worked there)
If you worked in a bicycle shop, please tell us the most frequently asked question you heard from customers in the shop.
No fair using: "Where's the bathroom?" or "Are you guys open?" or "Do you sell bikes?"
Have you worked in retailing elsewhere?*
(answer "yes" or "no," and if "yes," please tell us where you worked)
Please tell us about any writing skills/experience you have:
Of the programs below (in blue), which are you competent in?*
(copy/paste or drag/drop the ones you know)
Microsoft Word Microsoft Explorer
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft FrontPage Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Dreamweaver
I'm an Adobe Photoshop:*
What is it?
Please tell us about any specific or unique skills you want us to know about:
Provide an anecdote from a past job that demonstrates your resourcefulness:*
Please tell us why you'd be a great addition to our team:*
Please provide the names and phone numbers for at least 2 references we may contact:*

Work Preferences

If hired, when will you be able to begin work?*
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Preferred morning/afternoon pick-me-up:
Internet radio

Skills, Knowledge & Proofing Test

The questions in this section are designed to allow you to demonstrate your bicycle, retailing, proofing and writing skills; important attributes for this position.

Copy/paste or drag/drop the text below (in blue) into the answer field and then fix any/all spelling mistakes:*
The trek 820 is a sturdy jack-of-all-trades ideal for quick trips to class, the store, or exploring trails. It's RST suspension fork, plush Bontrager Sport saddle and high stem ensure you're comfort and control. Durable Matrix roms, grippy Bontrager tires and a an easy-pedaling 21-speed drivetrain let you cruise with ease and efficiency, to.
Which of these items doesn't belong in this list:*
(select one)
Deore XT
Which of the following 4 choices is correct:*
(select the one that's correct)
Modone SSL 69
Maddon 6.9 SSL
Madonne SSL 6.9
Madone 6.9 SSL
List 5 types of bicycles, such as road & mountain:*
(you may include road & mountain; spelling counts)
Copy/paste or drag/drop the sentence below (in blue) into the answer field and then fix any/all spelling mistakes:*
Its double butted Titanium frame is superlight, lively and compliant, plus its custom built for Women — your going to love it!
Select the company that's different:*
(select one)
Select the correct sentence:*
(select one)
'He put me in the pain locker and threw away the key.'
'He put me in the pain locker and threw away the key'.
Select the correct sentence:*
(select one)
Choose your preferred pedals. (Sold separately)
Choose your preferred pedals (sold separately).
Choose your preferred pedals (Sold separately).
Choose your preferred pedals. (sold separately)
Use the info and bullet points below (in blue), to write a descriptive paragraph designed to sell the product:*
Product: Havoc hydration pack for freeriders
  • 100-ounce capacity
  • Independent suspension and waist harness
  • Air Mesh harness keeps you cool
  • compression panel holds helmet
  • goggle and CD pocket
  • srp: $100
  • Copy/paste the copy below into the answer box (right). Then, using your CYCLING expertise, proof the description adding comments in ALL CAPS (to the writer) about what's needed, if anything.*
    Blackburn's Quadrant headlight features 4 super-bright LEDs for tons of light. Plus, the optically boosted center LEDs provide ample illumination in front, and the wide-angle side LEDs provide 180-degrees of visibility. So, you’ll see the road and drivers will see you, too.
    Copy/paste the copy below into the answer box (right). Then, using your CYCLING expertise, proof the description adding comments in ALL CAPS (to the writer) about what's needed, if anything.*
    Bell's Sweep XC is a sleek helmet purebred for the world of cross-country racing. It boasts Bell's Variable Position Visor, which can be adjusted on the fly for optimum vision. Plus, this luscious lid weighs only 13 ounces for a great race-ready feel.
    When working in a bike shop or other retail establishment, who pays your salary?*
    There is an intentional spelling mistake nearby (mistakes in the questions do not count). Tell us what it is.*
    Describe in some detail the bicycle(s) you own.*
    You just won the lottery! What bicycle do you buy?*
    Who's your favorite cyclist?*
    (current or historic is fine)
    Please describe your favorite local ride.*
    (name of ride, distance, challenges, sights, etc.)
    Anything else you'd like to add?

    Thanks You!

    Thanks very much for filling out and submitting an application. We'll be in touch if you qualify for a position with us. (Be sure to click the Submit Form button below so that we receive your application.)

    Note: * indicates required information.

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