SmartEtailing POS Integration

SmartEtailing provides three powerful point-of-sale (POS) integration options that save you time and money by increasing efficiency:

  • POS Sync: POS inventory data including price, sale price, balance on hand, and balance on order is uploaded to your website at regular intervals (nightly or hourly). SmartEtailing's system evaluates your POS inventory data and automatically adjusts items in your catalog. New items are added, old items are removed. Availability labels are adjusted and prices are updated.  View example of a product listing updated by POS Sync

  • POS Specials: The same POS data found in POS Sync is used to generate a master sale sheet. Every item in your POS that is in-stock and currently on-sale is automatically displayed on a single page on your website making it easy for you to connect deal savvy consumers with your slower moving inventory. View POS Specials example.

  • POS Order Export: When a consumer places an order on your website SmartEtailing's Order Export function automatically transmits order details into your POS system saving you time from having to type the order and reduces the chances of human error.

POS Vendors That Integrate With SmartEtailing

SmartEtailing's POS integration options are available to any POS provider or systems integrator. Below is a listing of the POS providers currently integrated with SmartEtailing.

Is your POS provider missing from this list? Do you want them to work with SmartEtailing? Please let us know by submitting this form.

Vendors that currently integrate POS Sync, POS Specials and Order Export:

Vendors that currently integrate POS Sync and POS Specials:

Vendors that currently integrate POS Sync only:

SmartEtailing API Documentation

POS Sync API v.1

Order Export API v. 2