SmartEtailing Customers

SmartEtailing has partnered with many of North America's largest independent bicycle retailers to provide website and marketing solutions. Here are comments from a few of our clients. To learn more, please contact us today.

What Our Clients Say

Landry's screenshot

“We worked with SmartEtailing to develop a completely unique website that embodies Landry's brand and provides an online customer experience that both supports and enriches our in-store experience. Updated inventory availability is as important online as it is in-store. Our product catalog makes the transition for customers seamless, no matter how they choose to shop with us.”
Jack Johnson | Landry's Bicycles

Oxygen Bike Co screenshot

You won’t believe this, but the new website is working already after just going live yesterday. A customer went on the website, looked at what we had in stock. Came in an hour later and bought a $700 bike with $500 in accessories before the store even opened. Virtual high fives!!!

Shawn Fitzpatrick | Oxygen Bike Co

Fresh Bikes screenshot

"Before returning to SmartEtailing I worked with numerous web developers, and they always insisted that original content is key. Organic search optimization through original pictures and content is important, but having a robust catalogue of products has proven to be far more important. Upon switching back to SmartEtailing I instantly saw an uptick in sales, often for items we didn’t have in the store yet that were available "in warehouse," and also many sales of hard-to-find bicycles that we do have in stock. I have been surprised how many phone calls and sales this transparency and visibility of products have brought to our stores."

"As far as I am concerned, SmartEtailing is the clear leader for our industry and has really made it easy for me to give them a wholehearted testimonial. "

Scott Mcahren  | Fresh Bikes

Bill Randen

"Penn Cycle was with been with Smartetailing since their beginnings. We could not be more impressed by the constant improvement, growth and commitment that Smartetailing has offered us. Whenever we meet and talk about where we are going online, Smartetailing is usually already working on a new improvement to address it. I simply can’t imagine being in bike retail today without the help of Smartetailing and their team."

"Smartetailing’s content is amazing. The copy writing and quality of the content is exceptional. I can’t imagine trying to keep up with the thousands of changes each season. Smartetailing’s software is fast and easy to design whatever we need."

Bill Randen | Penn Cycle & Fitness

Bike World screenshot

"We sold a $300 pair of shoes the other day with Buy Local Now. I don't think we could have got the sale without it."

Jeanette Thorpe, Buyer | Bike World, San Antonio TX

Bike Gallery screenshot

"Being a small business owner I have to cover so many aspects of the business. Having SmartEtailing watch over our website and online store gives me peace of mind that it is always current and looking professional. One thing I can check off my list without having to worry about!"

Judy Tuttle-Wurth | Bike Gallery, Portland, OR

Cadence 120 interior

“Because our inventory is included in what displays in the Where To Buy listing at Giant’s website we’ve been connected with several new customers in our area who wanted to buy a Giant bicycle.”

Brad Burton | Cadence 120

Melinda Bickel

“Our wonderful SmartEtailing website is so powerful in how it facilitates interaction with our customers by helping to expedite the sales process in our store.  We utilize the Supplier Sync functionality which allows us to display all of our suppliers' [or Trek's products] products on our website, including thousands of great products that we don't have to stock in our store.  The payback is our customers know what they want when they walk in to see us and that greatly reduces the time needed by our sales staff... Now that's very powerful as we all know time is money, especially in retail!”

Melinda Bickel | Bickels Cycling & Fitness

Suzanne and Bob

"A big thank you to SmartEtailing for jumping in to team up with our web designer and Point Of Sale System team to customize the Guy’s Bicycles website! We’ve accomplished our goal of having a personalized look while taking advantage of all the valuable SmartEtailing content and functionality. Syncing our store inventory with the website was one of the best moves we’ve ever made. Our website traffic is up and customers often comment on the value of seeing what we have in stock in real-time. Cheers to SmartEtailing for staying ahead of the game!"

Suzanne Pacitti | Guy’s Bicycles, Feasterville,

Dmitri Keating

“The money spent on our SmartEtailing website has proven time and again to be a great value. Customers often bring in printouts from our website detailing exactly what they want to buy. They have researched their purchase and are ready to pay! That’s good stuff! Plus with an easy to use online shopping cart customers can buy from home and pick up orders the same day or have the items shipped. SmartEtailing makes it easy to have a seamless transaction with our customers.”

Dmitri Keating | Old Town Bicycle

Kozy's Cyclery exterior

“I get far better results (both gross dollars and return on investment) from my website than any other advertising medium including yellow pages, newspaper, radio, direct mail or TV. During our selling season, for every dollar ($1.00) we spent on our SmartEtailing website, we generated $108.70 of verifiable in-store sales. These are sales made to people that brought a printed coupon or product page from our website into the store. These website-driven sales accounted for 6.1% of our total sales volume. As amazing as these results are, I can only wonder how many more website-related sales we made to people that didn't bring in a printout.”

Ron Kozy | Kozy's Cyclery

Helen's Cycles screenshot

"We're huge Chamois Butt'r fans. The company's support for independent retailers is one reason we stock their products in depth at all our locations. The other reason is that it's just an incredible product. And now Chamois Butt'r is taking that support one step further [with Buy Local Now], by referring consumers from their website directly to the retailers who've invested in their inventory. That's good for us, good for Chamois Butt'r, and great for cyclists who want to know where they can buy the products."

Adam Lasky | Buyer, Helen's Cycles, Santa Monica C

Bicycle Habitat screenshot

Because of Supplier Sync we’re getting many more orders per week than before we had this service. Just today we got a $50 order for a CycleOps accessory that we didn’t have in the store yet was available from our ‘warehouse’ suppliers.

Charlie McCorkell | Bicycle Habitat

“Highway Two is a brand-owned distribution company which gives us the flexibility to inventory each brand's full range from top to bottom. Adding Supplier Sync with SmartEtailing helps our retail partners sell all of these items and increases their competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

George Eubanks | Highway Two

“We see SmartEtailing as the ideal channel for providing our dealers with an expanded selection of product without necessarily increasing their inventory,”

John Byfield | Cyclone Bicycle Supply General Manager

“Giant retailers who use SmartEtailing’s POS Sync have a significant advantage with ‘Where To Buy.’ Those retailers who have the bike in stock go to the top of the ‘Where To Buy’ list. This is a big plus for consumers who want to know what retailer has which model -- or how soon they can get it. Furthermore, this is a huge advantage for retailers who have inventory; this significantly encourages the rider to come through their front door.”

John Thompson | Giant USA