Decades of experience in specialty retail, including owning and managing stores of our own, help us invent and develop features that add real value to websites. For example, we’ve been integrating store websites with data from various POS platforms since our earliest websites so that our clients are free to use whatever POS system they choose, while at the same time we've ensured they have an ideal web solution for their needs as well.

More recently, with our knowledge of how important it is for specialty retailers and suppliers to closely coordinate their sales efforts, we launched Supplier Sync. This feature creates the "endless aisle" browsing and shopping experience for local specialty stores and that consumers expect today. To help move purchases faster to stores and to consumers we also created Supplier Fulfillment. Fulfillment helps suppliers add additional value while keeping all purchases aligned with their retail partners.

  • Supplier Sync

    Display "endless aisle" inventory with Supplier Sync to increase what customers see as available.

  • POS Sync

    Auto-refresh your catalog selection and prices to match inventory and store promotions with POS Sync.

  • Supplier Fulfillment

    Drop ship orders directly to consumers for product in stock at major suppliers' warehouses.

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