Direct Mail Customer Export

We have a proven system for sorting your customers so that your mailers go only to recipients who are likely to shop with you again.

You'll benefit from our system because we can optimize your project to keep your costs down while improving your ROI. Please follow the instructions below in order to export your customer list in a format which we can use in our sorting process.

We have an export query written for Ascend and we are currently working on standardizing a report for additional common point of sale systems.

Customer Export Instructions

In order to effectively target your customers who are most likely to respond to marketing, please export your customer address information with some additional transactional metrics.

Export your customers who have shopped with you in the last two years with these fields:

  • first name
  • last name
  • address
  • city
  • state
  • zip
  • number of transactions
  • total dollars spent
  • date of last visit

Export and save as a CSV, name the file with your store name. Email the exported files to SmartEtailing for processing.

Note: Do you have multiple locations? You need to run the query for each location unless all of your transactional metrics are centralized on a single database file.

Export Customers From Ascend RMS

From the Ascend Desktop, click the SQL Query icon or head to Tools > Advanced Database Functions > SQL Query

Copy and paste the entire text from this TXT file into the SQL Query window near the top of your Ascend workstation

Click Execute and enter "01/01/2015-[today's date]" and max qty of "30,000". To ensure up-to-the-minute YTD reporting, select the first day of the current year within the “From” field and the current date within the “To” field and click OK. Multi-store retailers will need to run and send this query from each location.

When prompted to enter the number of customers, ensure that your value is set to 30,000 or less before clicking OK.

Once you’re ready to share your results, click on the Email icon. Your report will be exported and automatically attached to an email. If you’d like a copy of your report, simply add your email address to the “CC” field within the email form in Ascend. Otherwise, enter into the “To” field before clicking Send.

More About Ascend RMS
For more information on running reports on Ascend visit their Help site or check out Ascend University for additional how-to videos.