Buy Local Now™

Buy Local Now™ is a real-time product sourcing technology provided by SmartEtailing that connects ready-to-buy consumers on brand websites with local stocking retailers. It offers consumers same-day product availability and enables the specialty channel to compete more effectively with national chains and Amazon.

BLN Referrals Generated

Total consumer clicks on the Buy Local Now™ button on partner brand wesbites.

BLN Retail Sales Generated

Purchases at specialty retailer websites and in local stores as a result of Buy Local Now™ referrals.

Why Buy Local Now™ Works

This powerful tool works because it takes your store and inventory information to the places where a consumer is researching purchases.

80% of consumers research their purchases online. Millions of these consumers start their shopping at brand websites rather than retailer websites. As consumers browse products on a brand site and develop a preference for a specific model, Buy Local Now™ enables a brand's website to easily refer consumers to local retailers who currently have the desired item in stock to make a purchase.

The traditional "Find a Retailer" link is a good first step for brands, but consumers have become accustomed to real-time inventory and single-click convenience. Consumers don't want to contact multiple retailers to check availability.

A Buy Local Now™ button on a brand's website shows consumers immediate local availability and guides them to make a purchase from a local retailer.

Buy Local Now™ makes it quick and easy for consumers to go from research to purchase at a local store. Try it yourself on the Park Tool website. Just click the "WHERE TO BUY" button and see the customized Buy Local Now™ tool in action.

You Can Participate For Free

There have been MORE THAN 4 MILLION consumers referred from brand websites to local retailers as a result of the powerful functionality of Buy Local Now™.

Retailers with a SmartEtailing website who already use our POS Sync and Supplier Sync options are automatically included in Buy Local Now™ referrals.

You don't need to have a SmartEtailing website to participate. All local specialty bike retailers can register for a Buy Local Now™ account to self manage their store listings. In addition, stores may elect to enroll in our POS Sync and/or Supplier Sync options in order to gain more referrals based on in-stock and/or in-warehouse inventory availability.

This service is FREE. No strings attached. No trial period. Just FREE. SmartEtailing is committed to the health and profitability of the specialty retail channel and we believe that Buy Local Now™ can make a meaningful impact on your store's bottom line.

There are already more than 1,300 independent bicycle retailers participating in the Buy Local Now™ network. If you want to be a part of this exciting technology, sign up today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

We've prepared answers to the most common questions from retailers and brands about Buy Local Now™. Click here to learn more.