SmartEtailing provides website, marketing and data solutions to help independent bicycle retailers, cycling suppliers and cycling brands sell more product in-store and online.

With SmartEtailing, a bike shop’s website is transformed from a passive advertisement to an interactive, content-rich marketing vehicle that informs and sells to customers. SmartEtailing is committed to the success of local specialty bicycle retailers by providing tools that help them effectively compete in an evolving retail environment.

Key Benefits

Attract New Customers

A SmartEtailing website is designed to attract local search traffic, including consumers searching for local bike shops as well as the vast array of products available in the cycling industry. Our platform delivers specific product details, images, pricing and availability for potential customers, enhancing the ability of independent retailers like you to grow your sales in an increasingly competitive cycling market. If an independent retailer were to attempt to build a comprehensive product catalog, it would be a full time job to build, let alone maintain. SmartEtailing saves you time and money.

Show Your Inventory Online

With SmartEtailing's POS Sync service, you can show your in-store inventory online so that customers can shop efficiently, either knowing your stock before visiting your store or buying online for in-store pickup.

Sell Directly From Supplier Warehouses

Through SmartEtailing’s Supplier Sync and Supplier Fulfillment services, your website can show what inventory your chosen suppliers have in-stock in their warehouses so that your customers can order their product through you for in-store pickup or home delivery. With Supplier Fulfillment, your supplier can ship directly to your customer while you collect the profits and customer contact information.

Convert Shoppers Into Buyers

Your SmartEtailing website allows consumers to browse the largest cycling inventory available to any independent bicycle retailer with accurate pricing and inventory. The ease of browsing and shopping reduces barriers for customers so they can either make a purchase directly online or a make an efficient trip to your store to shop.

Quickly Implement Seasonal Marketing

SmartEtailing doesn’t just provide a website platform. We populate the platform library with seasonal marketing content to keep your website updated and relevant to your customers. You have the option of installing marketing assets yourself, or utilizing our Agency Services to have content installed for you.

Effectively Leverage Brand Marketing

SmartEtailing works with cycling brands to populate our platform with promotions that leverage the sales, product launches and technologies from your choice of brands. You have the option of installing marketing assets yourself, or utilizing our Agency Services to have content installed for you.

Rich Informative Content To Attract & Engage Customers

A SmartEtailing website helps attract customers with SEO rich content; this content engages customers to move them along the sales funnel. Your website will help to educate and inspire your customers, providing your sales team not only with more customers but also customers who better informed so that you can find them the right product faster. SmartEtailing provides rich informative content in addition to our industry-leading product catalog that enables consumers to research products on your local website.

Complete Marketing Support

SmartEtailing has the capabilities of a full-service marketing agency for independent bicycle retailers. We offer a variety of Marketing Programs designed to help each retailer find the marketing support that is right for your business. We offer everything from fundamental website maintenance through comprehensive marketing planning and custom design.

Why SmartEtailing

You have a myriad of choices in website providers for your business. Local web agencies can build you a site from the ground up. You can use an off-the-shelf website service to build your own website. Or some small shops choose to get by with just a Facebook page.

None of these solutions empower your business to compete in a fast-changing market like SmartEtailing does.

At SmartEtailing, we are laser focused on one thing - helping local independent bicycle retailers like you succeed. We do that by providing an easy-to-use and customizable website platform that is loaded with product and informational content to make your life easy. Our powerful POS and supplier integrations enable you to provide your customers with real-time access to availability on thousands of products. Our ecommerce and order management tools enable you to sell online, for in-store pickup and home delivery.

Our team of marketing experts can help you maintain your website, ensuring that you attract customers and show fresh information monthly. For interested retailers, we can go a step further and become your complete marketing partner - planning and implementing every aspect of your store’s marketing.

There is no other partner who has our industry expertise or full-service support capability. We are simply your best choice. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Our History

SmartEtailing was founded in 1999 by cycling industry veterans Mark Graff and Barry Brenner. Their innovate idea was to provide and easy-to-use website platform managed and controlled by independent retailers. This same visual fueled one innovation after another making SmartEtailing powerful website and marketing solution it is today, with over 50 employees serving retailers across North America.

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