Responsive Migration Overview

SmartEtailing has completed a major overhaul of our software platform and it's time for you to consider the best timing and strategy for you to leverage this update for your business. This overview includes a brief description of our new responsive templates, what your options are for migrating to one of our new templates, and how you can start planning your migration.

For more detailed information, including Responsive Design Best Practices and Frequently Asked Questions, please see our Planning Your Responsive Migration guide or contact us for your free consultation.

Learn More About Responsive

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive web design means that the content of a website is automatically adjusted to fit a device’s screen size and orientation. When you turn your phone sideways to get a wider view and the web page also turns and scales to fit the width, that’s responsive design at work. Responsive design happens on the back end of the site, in the coding. It is one of the most important ways of creating a positive user experience when a consumer visits your website.

Why Do You Want Responsive?

Consumers expect to be able to find exactly what they want with a few taps of their thumbs. More than 70% of consumers research their purchases—comparing brands, stores, and reading reviews—before making a purchase. Responsive design makes the user experience better regardless of the device they are using.

With our updated responsive templates, your site will load faster and create a positive impression in your potential customer’s mind. A recent analysis by Google revealed that over 50% of online shoppers who encounter a non-responsive website are less likely to engage with that brand. Google has also updated their search algorithm to give preferential treatment to responsive websites in order to serve favorable user experiences to consumers searching on mobile devices.

Key Features of SmartEtailing's New Responsive Templates

  • Website content shifts to match screen size and orientation of device
  • Most content from existing SmartEtailing websites transfers to new templates
  • Improved data structure so search engines can more easily read and rank sites
  • Improved Google search performance
  • Mobile first design to optimize experience of mobile users
  • Improved catalog navigation
  • Dedicated navigation function for mobile devices
  • Improved in-site search functionality
  • Improved template publisher
  • Drag and drop responsive page builder tool with pre-designed content blocks
  • Built in image editing tool
  • Individual location pages for improved user experience and search results

Your Installation Options

To serve the needs of our diverse clients, we offer several options for installing our new responsive templates. Our Self-Serve option will be available to you at no cost. However, while we’ve created tools that will make migration as easy as possible for all users, we believe that the most efficient and effective options for migration will be through our team of experts.


What is Included With a Self-Serve Migration?

  • New responsive template options for self-installation
  • SmartEtailing technical support

MANAGED MIGRATION | Starting at $500

What is Included With a Managed Migration?

  • Installation of a new responsive template
  • Standard mockup for homepage layout using pre-built tools (custom HTML not included)
  • Internal page content migration for up to 10 internal pages
  • SmartEtailing technical support

ADVANCED MIGRATION | Starting at $1000

What is Included With an Advanced Migration?

  • Installation of a new responsive template
  • Standard mockup for homepage layout using pre-built tools (custom HTML not included)
  • Internal page content migration for up to 20 internal pages
  • Updated navigation design and implementation
  • SmartEtailing technical support

CUSTOM MIGRATION | Starting at $5000

What is Included With a Custom Migration?

  • Smartetailing Marketing Strategist consultation and support
  • Installation of a new responsive template
  • Custom mockup for homepage layout
  • Unlimited page content migration, including content and design updates
  • Updated navigation design and implementation
  • SEO best practices review
  • SmartEtailing technical support

Ready to Get Started?

Please complete this form and we'll be in touch soon to discuss your responsive migration. To speak with Barbara about your options, please call 303-527-0676 ext. 102.